Waterless Car Wash Kit

Waterless Car Wash Kit

Car Exterior Cleaning kit

Car Exterior Cleaning Kit

Waterless Car Wash Kit

Waterless Car Wash Kit is a go for cleaning kit for your car this summer.

- Saves 100% Water
- Cleans and makes your Car Shine
- Just Spray and Wipe the Car.
- Suited for Bikes as well
- Wetting helps cleaning faster.

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1 x KKE Plus Dry wash-750ml   + $6.49
2 x Microfiber Towel   + $2.99

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Waterless Car Wash Kit
Waterless Car Wash Kit

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    How to clean your car with Waterless Car Wash Products?

    It is never advisable to wipe your car with a dry cloth. Dry cloth creates swirl marks on your car surface. The procedure for cleaning the car is very simple.

    1. Take KKE Dry Wash and spray it on a cool car surface. We recommend to work on 2 ft x 2 ft area.
    2. Use a Micro fiber to wipe the surface in a sequence, so that the dirt picked up by Microfiber does not touch the paint while moving the microfiber.
    3. Use a dry microfiber to buff and bring shine to the surface.

    It is that easy!


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