Economical Waterless Car Wash Concentrate when you have bulk requirements

KKE Waterless Car Wash Concentrate

Express Wax Liquid, spray it, spread it evenly, allow it to dry a little and wipe it off for a sparkling finish

KKE Express Wax

Carnauba Based Thick Wax. Builds a protective coat over your car paint. Resists paint degradation

KKE Plus Thick Wax - Carnauba Paste Wax

KKE Waterless Car Wash Concentrate

Waterless Car Wash Concentrate.

  • Dilutes 20 -30 times
  • Leaves sparkling shine on the car
  • Saves Water
  • Drip free formula
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KKE Plus Waterless Wash Concentrate is an ultimate Waterless vehicle Wash / Waterless Car Wash liquid concentrate. You can dilute it upto 20 - 30 times to get the regular Waterless Car Wash Chemical.

KKE Waterless Car Wash's low surface tension allows it to quickly adhere to the dirt and gives an excellent shine to the vehicle.

This product immediately loosens the dirt and gives an instant shine to the vehicle along with wet look.

Spray the diluted Waterless Car Wash liquid on the car. Wipe the surface with a clean microfiber towel. Changed the sides of the microfiber towel so that you don't touch the dirty area back on the car surface. Buff off with a nice dry microfiber towel to get a perfect shine on the car.

Use KKE Linen Clean for washing dirty microfiber towels for long life of MicroFibers and to maintain the softness of microfibers.

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