Glass Cleaner Concentrate. Mix 50 times water to make regular glass cleaner.

KKE Glasso - Glass Cleaner Concentrate

High foaming Washing and Waxing Shampoo for your Cars and Bikes.

KKE Wash & Wax Shampoo

Zap Grease Engine Degreaser.

KKE Zap Grease - Heavy Duty Engine Degreaser

KKE Glasso - Glass Cleaner Concentrate

KKE Glass is a premium Glass Cleaner concentrate.

It dilutes 50 times to make regular Glass Cleaner

  • Gives streak free Finish
  • Suitable for Windshield, Glass and Mirrors
  • Ammonia Free, can be used on tinted windows
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KKE Glasso is a remarkable product. It is a concentrate which can be diluted 50 times to make a standard glass cleaner. Since this does not contain any ammonia, it can also be used on tinted glasses.

Dilution to make Standard Glass Cleaner:

  1. Take 500 ml Water in a spray bottle
  2. Use a syringe to add 10 ml KKE Glasso into the water.
  3. Shake well. Your Glass Cleaner is ready


How to use Diluted Glass Cleaner

Method 1 :

  1. Spray the Glass Cleaner on the Glass evenly
  2. Use a Clean Microfiber towel to spread the liquid evenly
  3. Using a dry Microfiber towel, wipe the Glass Cleaner liquid to leave a streak free finish on the Glass    

Method 2 :

  1. It is the same process as Method 1, but with only difference that you need to spray the Glass Cleaner on the Microfiber instead of the Glass directly. By this process you avoid getting splatters on the already cleaned body of the car.
  2. Use the wet Microfiber to wet the glass.
  3. Wipe off using a Dry Clean Microfiber Towel.


Glass Cleaning Tip 

While cleaning the Windows and Windshield, always  use Vertical Motion for outside and Horizontal motion for inside. By this way, if your towel left some marks on the glass, you would know on which side it is. 

 KKE Glasso : Glass Cleaner Concentrate for your Car


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