Best High Foaming Car Wash Shampoo. Biodegradable & pH Balanced

KKE Car Wash Shampoo

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner. High Foaming with Optical Brighteners. KKE Fabric Clean

KKE Fabric Clean - Carpet and Upholstery Shampoo

Silicone Free Waterless Car Wash Concentrate

Silicone Free Waterless Car Wash Concentrate

KKE Car Wash Shampoo

100% of 100

KKE Car Wash Shampoo is the best car wash shampoo

  • Super Concentrated and Thick

  • High Foaming with even little quantity

  • Brings back the shine after wash

  • Easily washes Traces of Grime, Dirt, Road Film, with few strokes

  • Very gentle of Hand and Car : Tough on Dirt

  • Bio Degradable - Eco Friendly

  • VOC Compliant

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Car Wash Shampoo

KKE Car Wash Shampoo is a Super Concentrate and is an innovation in liquid cleaning soap that is best in its class. Its rich composition makes it super-concentrated and thick, providing maximum lather even with the smallest amount of usage. This is a high-foaming car soap that easily washes away all traces of grime, dirt, and road film with just a few strokes, bringing out your car's true colors. KKE Car Wash Shampoo is the best option for cars that need to be washed. Just remember it may look gentle, but it definitely is tough.

KKE Car Wash gives one the optimum cleaning power, without removing the base wax. KKE Car Wash Soap contains a good foaming action and is easy to wash that anyone would need, just like a professional car wash job.

KKE Car Wash is primarily a car cleaning product that can be used with a foamer too. Many a times used out of a bucket but still works wonders and gives good results even in a manual wash. The three aspects that have to be looked for is :

  • Firstly, the ability to wash.
  • Secondly, the foam building capacity for a good spread and
  • Lastly the ease of washing or rinsing the shampoo off.

The ease of washing is so simple that any person can get an efficient result after using it.

Car Cleaning Procedure

  • Before getting to the use of shampoo the first step in washing your vehicle is to rinse off the dust and grime carefully.
  • Use about 10 - 20 ml for half a bucket water. Agitate to get good lather.
  • Use a wash mitt to remove road grime. A light pressure wash of the vehicle is ideal or a good rinse if it is manual wash. A top to down wash is recommended so that one is removing all the dirt from the top of the vehicle to the ground.
  • Rinse to remove any Shampoo residue from the car surface.
  • The final step of washing a car is to dry it without any water stain.

KKE Car wash is a Super concentrate that needs to to be diluted before application in a prescribed form for a safe cleaning of the surface of the vehicle which will reduce surface friction and takes care of micro scuffing. This pH balanced soap is ideal for effective cleaning without damaging the freshly waxed or coated vehicle. Rinses without a hitch without any residue left behind as a patch when fully dry.

It is not only safe for your vehicle but KKE Car Wash is designed to be safe on your sensitive skin too. This shampoo is 100% Biodegradable hence one is not harming the environment while cleaning your vehicle.

Dilution: Dilute 1 part product in 300-500 parts of water.

How to use it with Hand Mitt?

Two Bucket Method:

  • Take 2 buckets with clean water. Mark them Bucket 1 and Bucket 2.
  • Mix KKE Car Wash Shampoo in the second bucket. Mix thoroughly to create suds.
  • Dip the foam applicator in Bucket 2 to collect shampoo water with foam and apply on the car.
  • To clean the foam dip it in Bucket 1 to remove all the debris and then dip in Bucket 2 to repeat the above process.
  • If Bucket 1 becomes very dirty, change the water


How to use is with Foam Gun ?

  • Mix about 100 ml in 1 liter Foam Gun.
  • Keep dosing to a minimum and increase the Air using air intake knob.
  • Increase soap concentration based on the required foam consistency.

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