Remove Iron Dust from your Car Wheels

Remove Iron Dust from your Car Wheels

The Brake discs of your car made up of cast steel. When you apply brakes, some portion of Steel erodes away and settles on the car wheel rims. Wheel Iron Dust Remover like KKE Brake Dust Remover, helps in removing these iron deposits on your car wheel rims.

Procedure for Removing Iron from Wheel Rims :

The best way is to remove the Wheel and then cleaning it, but if that is not possible, you can continue further. Also wash your car in shade.

  1. Spray KKE APC on the wheel rim. Use a Wheel Rim cleaner to clean the wheel. Allow it to act on it. Do not let it dry.
  2. Wash the wheel rim.
  3. Now use KKE Brake Dust Remover to remove the hard Iron Deposits on your car wheel rim.
  4. Allow it act on the Iron deposits. Notice how the colour turns purple.
  5. Wash the wheel after about minute.

By following the above procedure the wheel rims should have the earlier shine. The shine which was lost due to rusting iron deposits.


KKE Brake Dust Remover is a Fall Out Remover which reacts with the Iron. The liquid which is otherwise colourless truns purple as soon as it detects the presence of iron. The liquid reacts with Iron and helps it remove from the surface.



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