Top 9 Tips to keep your Car Safe this Monsoon

Top 9 Tips to keep your Car Safe this Monsoon

Top 9 tips to keep your car safe this monsoon

Most of us actually wait for the monsoon round the year. And why not! What’s a memorable rainy season without the long drives with friends, picnics with family and the ambience which enables us to enjoy the rain in the haven of our car while nibbling on some delicious hot corns! Having said all of that and relishing the rains to the brim, we at times obliterate that most pertinent partner of all these promising moments- our car!

And, since we at KKE Chemicals Private limited are all about car care through our range of products (kindly give here a link for the product range ), here is a list of car care tips quick and reliable-

Let’s start from the outer surface- You have made sure to select the car color after a lot of research, there has been the inputs of almost all your family members and your besties. But, come monsoon and the first impact it starts showing is - on the paint. Yeah!  But natural the muck, the dirt, the falling leaves all have the capacity to actually give a deeper damage then your eyes can see. So, here is how you can prevent it,

1. It’s all about keeping it clean!

How many instances the parents, the grandparents and even the school teachers have tried to explain the significance of cleanliness. Now, if you have been following it like faith- well and good- otherwise it’s high time you start doing it. First thing in the morning clean your car-remove the fallen leaves, the twigs, the stains- You can use the KKE Waterless Car Wash with ease (save water too!). Keep it clean because those little fragile leaves and flowers, the dust particles and the dirt have much more ability to cause deterioration of the sheen of the car paint then visible at first.

2. Car covers is not a solution

Quite probably you might think that in order to get rid of the daily cleaning how about to just keep it covered with a decent looking car cover (reading your mind! ). But, wait because it might actually worsen the problem for you. This is what a cover does- during the rains, it sticks to  the surface of your car-courtesy all the moisture- and then when you try to remove it, it peels off the sheen and the paint of the exterior of your car, without even making it obvious for you. Make this a habit and you will quite forget that just-out-of-the-showroom-look-of-your-car forever.

3. The bonnet and the trunk lid

The trunk lid and the bonnet- let us not forget the crevices and those intricate places in the car where water clogging can actually cause Rust (A nightmare!) and in turn even water leakage into the interior cabins (Your nightmare just came true!). So, with a nice quality wash cloth and brush like the KKE Microfiber Towel, remove the extra leaves and wipe the crevices not leaving a single drop of water to ensure it clean and clear.

4. Under the floor of the car

A mixture of engine oil and diesel will pursue the needful for the under floor of your car. The puddles, the rain water draining on the roads make the first contact with the tires and at the same time with the under floor of your cars, making it dirty and even rusty. The solution to this problem is applying the aforementioned mixture of engine oil and diesel oil to the underbody and all the mechanical parts and this will act as a layer protecting your car from rust. However, do not spray this on an engine, the brake discs and the exhaust components of your car, because this might cause an accident in the form of fire hazards or accidents due to loosening of the grip.

5. The paint again

Apart from keeping your car clean, there is one more tip which will assist you in retaining the car paint and giving it a longer life. It is applying a protective film which is readily available in the market or even the online portals. Yet again, if you are trying to save on your pocket an alternative approach can be to apply KKE Thick Wax before the rains. Moreover, you can invest in a ceramic paint protection which is more cost effective and equally good to keep your car paint in good condition.

6. The insider story of your car

You would always aspire to enjoy your ride, whether alone, with your family or friends. But, imagine people stepping into your car just to be welcomed by a stench of partially dried moisture from the floor or the seats- this is definitely not something you would want. It will be downright embarrassing and terrible with a capital T. So, here is what you can do, always place old newspapers on the floor and remove it when getting off the car after you have reached your home.  This will make sure that the inside of the car stays clean and moisture free. The best part is that it is a really cheap means for making some perfect inside stories in your car. Bring on the wet muddy shoes of your children, step out in the drizzling rain with your partner and just enjoy the monsoon.

 7. The quick tips

Those instances when you do not have all the time in the world. But, at the back of your  mind you have this continuous nagging of keeping your car safe from the monsoon. It is for people like you that some quick tips come handy. Simply, drape the backrest and headrest with a towel whenever you are planning to take your car out for a drive during the rainy season. It will assure to keep the covers of your seat clean even if you are soaking wet. However, after this little adventure do make sure to change the towel with a fresh and clean one. Also, remember to clean the steering wheel, the gear knob the dashboard of your car with a soft cloth like that available with KKE, in order to not let any mould or grime settling on it.

8.Your AC

No! It is not the summer, but the rainy season before which you actually need to make sure that the Air conditioner of your car is working and has been subjected to servicing. It is always recommended to pursue the needful by an authorized service dealer so as to assure that your car gives you a comfortable ambience even during heavy downpours. The reason is that during the rains the AC filter has to work even more in order to make sure that every wet particle entering the car is seized of any moisture and you get a warm and the moisture free feeling.

9. It’s time to get the defogger into working mode

If your car has a defogger this is the time to use it. However, for those of you who do not have a defogger in your car, tune the blower speed to a maximum and turn the intake to ‘Fresh air’ mode. It will initiate its work. Again, never try to swipe a towel to clean the condensation which has formed, because it leaves streak marks on the windscreen making it look unclean. Some of the latest cars are also embellished with a rear defogger, which can in turn prove to be a blessing for your four wheeler during monsoons.

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