Top 10 car maintenance tips which must be followed!

Top 10 car maintenance tips which must be followed!

So, when you own a car, you OWN it! It becomes your pride, your honor and your reflection. And, for something so impeccable to your life, maintaining it becomes rather inevitable.

Here are top 10 tips which will assist in maintaining your car,

1. Your car manual-

Yeah, indeed the car manual which is stashed at some drawer in one of your almirahs, placed in the underside of your car storage compartment or has long become the prized possession of the stalk which says ignore-me-completely, need to actually be gone
through rather thoroughly. The minutest details pertaining to your car, the detailed information and some real promising tips will aid you in the process of keeping your car well maintained.

2. Servicing is not to be missed-

A weekend get-together, a night party or a new plan, do not let
either of these come in between the servicing of the best commuter you have- your car. Assure to never skip on some minor issues, thus you will not have to deal with the major ones.

3. The oils and fluids-

If you are asked about the most pertinent machine part of your car; you will undoubtedly say ‘Engine’. And, how do you plan to take care of it? That perfect care will involve proper lubrication. In order to keep it in sound condition it is recommended to pursue oil
changing at regular intervals. Also, make sure to replace brake oil, power steering oil, coolants and transmission oil in order to enhance the workability.

4. Inspect tire pressure regularly-

The tire pressure needs to be checked every week for seamless
travelling. It is again suggested that to pursue the same when going for long weekend trips or a tour to another city. A tire rotation process is recommended every 6 months for best results.

5. The battery speaks-

Believe it, it does and clearly indicates that you need to juice it up, clean it or take care of minor wiring issues. However, for this you need to understand its language. So, make sure to check for any mineral makeup around it, water level, loose connections or rust.
You definitely do not want to become a part of the movie scene where the guy is stranded in the middle of nowhere without any clue- courtesy- car battery!

6. Cleaning spree-

It is quite possible that your weekend rejuvenation mode is via cleaning your car or not. Whether you belong to the former or latter it is really important that you clean the windshields well. The dirt windshield is like an invitation to accidents and perils. Yet again,
during rainy seasons make sure to get your wipers checked and replaced regularly. For cleaning of your car you can rely on the best products like kke waterless car wash, the kke Glasso or the
kke microfiber towel is recommended.

7. The brake system-

Another aspect about your car you cannot and should not obliterate. Make sure to check your car’s brake fluid, it should not be dark in color, in which case replacing it is the best choice. Also, in order to enjoy the brake durability you should be assured to replace it completely in a span of two years. For those of you with cars more than 7 years old, changing the brake lines for smooth driving is mandatory.

8. The protection-

You definitely do dream that your car looks brand new and stylish for a longer period of time. And if you do, then keep it well covered or try to keep it in your garage when not using regularly for  ensuring that the paint stays longer.

9. The cooling system-

You need to be assured that the cooling system is working  properly. It is best to inspect them or get them inspected for any sort of issues. It is because this particular damage has the capacity to put a big hole in your pocket.

10. The way you drive-

Always drive at the suggested speed limit and do not put brakes suddenly. The most obvious, yet the most ignored by all, do not use your phones while on the road. The safety of your car is associated with your safety.

This preventive maintenance are bound to aid you. As for your car auto care needs, trust the range of auto care products from KKE.