Why should I Use a Car Wash Foam Gun at my Service Station?

Why should I Use a Car Wash Foam Gun at my Service Station?

In a commercial establishment, things go beyond the technically "Right" things. You need to do things to apease the customer and increase the customer satisfaction. Otherwise how else do you expect that the customer would come back to you?

Car Wash Foam Gun is an addon which fits infront of a professional High Pressure Cleaner. The High pressure of the Car Washer is used to create a suction because of which air and Soap solution are forced through the nozzle.The foam gun comes with an air intake Knob on the top which determines the ratio of Air to Soap Solution entering the water jet stream.

Reason #1

The foam is something which excites anybody and everybody as one corelates it with ones childhood. Customers love it when they see their sovered in white foam. You can build up lather so thick that even a black car would look entirely white. This has helped customers coming back again and again. Kids specially love and force their parents to come again. A good idea could be if you let the kids experience the foam and allow them to spray the foam on their cars.

Reason #2

The foam helps in allowing the Soap to remain on the vehicle for a longer time and hence it gets more time to work on the dirt. It lifts the dirt and makes it run down. When your car surface isclean, you'll notice that the foam goes down very fast as opposed to when the car is dirtier. The parts, specially the front doors, even though vertical the Foam would cling to those area.

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