DIY Car Scratch Removal

DIY Car Scratch Removal

Before talking about Scratch Removal we should first understand the Paint System of a car or a bike. Unless until you understand the paint and its layers, you would not understand which kind of treatment to be given to which kind of scratches.

Paints are of Two Types :

  • Solid Paint
  • Paints with Clear Coat

Most of the cars these days come with clear coat and Clear Coat is the layer which gives that Molten Glass effect on your car.

The Clear Coat Paint contains the following layers on a broad basis. Each Car company has a different painting process based on the Paint company, but more or less, the layers are the same when it comes to the visible portion of the paint.

Primarily, the coat contains the following layers from Metal to Finished Paint :

  1. Base Metal
  2. Primer
  3. Base Coat (Generally White in Colour)
  4. Colour ( Metallic / Solid)
  5. Clear Coat



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