5 Waterless Car Wash Products you won't be able to do without

5 Waterless Car Wash Products you won't be able to do without

The spick n span car, the glasses so clean that they sparkle and that superb sheen! However, when you witness this, don’t you also see gallons of water wasted every morning? And, the latter is definitely what you don’t want to. But, somehow haven’t the spotless and clean cars have always been accompanied by lots of water and chemical washing agents, a hosepipe and your driveway? The experience is all set to change…… All thanks to the innovations, we bring to you the best 5 waterless car wash products, you so wished you had known about before.

Their attributes:-

  • A reduced amount of water consumption
  • Efficient cleaning
  • Biodegradable
  • Eco-friendly

The finest five

1. KKE Waterless Car Wash Concentrate:

It is a liquid car wash concentrate. All you need to do is, dilute it to 20 times and get amazed with the polished look. The low surface tension of the liquid attracts all the dirt, and leaves a glistening surface.

2. KKE Plus Dry Wash:

Just spray the liquid on the surface of the car and wipe it off to remove any light dirt or stains from the surface of the car. Do, make sure however, to use a microfiber towel to wipe the car. And, you are sorted.

3. KKE Masters Wipe- All Purpose Cleaner:

If you have been looking for an organic cleaner, which removes the grimiest stains, the bumper stickers, the greasy marks along with that foul odor, the KKE Masters wipe is an answer to the best all purpose cleaner.

4. KKE Drubber-Tire and Dashboard Shiner:

For those of you who are car enthusiasts, the KKE Drubber Tire and Dashboard shiner, gives color restoration and at the same time protects the dashboard from cracking. You can use it for making sure that your car tires are well dressed.

5. KKE Glasso-Glass Cleaner:

Somehow the glistening car glasses have a charm of its own. Ensure it without wasting any water with KKE Glasso Glass Cleaner. Just pour it into a cloth and wipe it for that perfect, stain free sheen.

A beautiful Car without the hustle of wasting water awaits you with these top reviewed KKE Waterless car wash products.

Own them to experience them!


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