5 Best Practices for Car Shampoo Wash

5 Best Practices for Car Shampoo Wash

Have you seen those cars with dribble marks? The ones with swirls? Or, those with watermarks? Is this exactly how your car looks like after shampooing? Don’t worry, we have it all covered in this blog post.

If it does, read the 5 best practices you should employ for car shampooing. However, if it doesn’t, still read on, you might get your hands on some amazing tip or a promising product.

1. The Two Bucket Wash Method-

This one is our favorite. Fill one bucket with shampoo wash water
and, another with clean water. Then, take a mitt; drop it into a shampoo wash water bucket. After properly cleaning your car with the shampoo and a mitt, dunk the mitt into the clear water
heartily until it is meticulously rinsed. Simply start doing this and you are bound to see the difference in the time and the after wash quality.

2. The Drying Towel-

Do not let the swirls and scratches become a nightmare for you. Instead, use a microfiber towel like the KKE super absorbent drying microfiber towel for best results. The cotton towels if used instead leave scratches, since they are aggressive on the surface.

3. The Shampoo Quality-

So, you might not be aware of it, but the quality of the shampoo is of immense importance. The KKE Chemicals India believes in providing the user with a myriad experience in the form of low pH shampoo, high pH shampoo, neutral pH shampoo or the KKE
car wash shampoo for the best result. And they are cost effective too.

4. The Stepwise Process-

Always wash your car from the top down, by circling around the car several times. Also, take special care that when you are washing the upper areas enough soapy liquid drips to the bottom making the tires and lower portion damp. This will ensure the dirt on them,
being easily removable with just a few light mitt strokes.

5. The wash mitts-

Always invest (believe it, if you love your car every cleaning accessory you buy is an investment) in the best microfiber premium mitts which are fun and easy to work with. With their exclusive property, all you will get is new-like-shining-car-every time-you-shampoo.

Happy Cleaning! Happy Driving!