4 mistakes with Waterless Car Wash in India - you should avoid

4 mistakes with Waterless Car Wash in India - you should avoid

Waterless car wash product series in India has definitely altered the scenario of washing cars.

  • No environmental risk
  • No wastage of water
  • No harmful chemicals

With all the above attributes, let’s make sure that you are on the right road with your waterless car wash process.


Here is a list of 4 mistakes you should avoid,

1. Cleaning your car when the surface is hot- So, you have just gotten up from sleep on a Sunday morning with the sun shining bright and you get the idea to clean your car. What’s with the ‘No mess’ guarantee associated with KKE plus Dry wash, you are assured of making it spick and span clean! And, this is your Mistake #1. When the surface of the car is hot, the liquid leaves a residue on it and the wiping will leave streaks or drip marks. In some instances, it could actually spoil the paintwork.

2. Using dirty cloth- It’s like presenting your car with swirl mark or just giving it an experience of what sandpaper feels like. Well, you definitely wouldn’t want to give scratches on your car. So use clean clothes and after every cleaning spree makes sure to wash it properly, rinse it twice and use it only after it dries completely. You can use the KKE Master Wipes which is the best organic cleaner you could hope for.

3. Not using a Microfiber towel - A microfiber towel has quick drying and superabsorbent properties. Thus, using it will be your best option ever. Yet again, after using make sure to clean it, rinse it and dry it before storing.

4. Using an inferior quality waterless car wash liquid- This is the worst of all mistakes the car owners do. Do not go for cheaper products. In fact, make sure to use the products which are cost-effective and portray efficient quality like the array of KKE Waterless car wash products.


Happy Cleaning! Happy Driving!

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