3 Tips you should know to Clean your Car Windshield Better

3 Tips you should know to Clean your Car Windshield Better

An unclean windshield is an invitation to perils and accidents, having all the capacity to mar the look of your car. So, even if you are not one of those car enthusiasts, who always mention their car-as-their-first-love, safety cannot be taken for granted.

Do not let grim, dirt and bugs accumulate in your car and obstruct your view with these 3 tips,

1. Use the best quality glass cleaners-

Make sure to purchase the best quality glass cleaner to
remove the stains and dirt marks. The KKE Glasso is definitely a glass cleaner we recommend with its raving reviews. It cleans the windshield and protects the glass.

2. The right movements-

The best quality KKE Microfiber towel made especially for your car is your go-to solution for every cleaning need. Yet again, the right movements are recommended. So, first, pursue straight vertical and horizontal movement from inside the car and later move on to
the outside of the windshield. This manner you will be able to notice the streaks and do the needful.

3. Choose the right place to clean the windshield-

When cleaning the windshield you need to be assured that your car is not parked under the sun. It does not let you see properly and also the washing liquid tends to evaporate on the surface leaving a residue on the windshield. Thus, cooling of the surface of the windshield and car is mandatory for sparkling cleanliness. 

Enjoy the tips and enjoy the ride!

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