10 Must-have Products for Your Car

10 Must-have Products for Your Car

“The cars we drive says a lot about us”- Indeed, one of the most  frequently heard quote from the car owners, especially those that  take this vehicle on 4 wheels, more like their family. And, if you belong to the same category that this car care product buying guide is just for you.

It involves the products which are included in the category of Do It yourself products and professional car care products.

  1. KKE Car Wash Shampoo- Quite evidently the high foaming shampoos are considered the best for car wash. This, along with being gentle on your car and removing the grimiest of stains with just a few wipes is what KKE Car wash shampoo is all about.

  2. KKE Master Wipe - A must have in your list of car care products. It is an all purpose cleaner which removes a plethora of stains, including grease, tar and gum. Since, it is a concentrate product you are required to dilute it 4-10 times in order to employ it.

  3. Activated Car Carbon Deodorizer - Having this in your car is like cleaning the air you are breathing in. It is a pouch of activated carbon and has this property to attract and absorb the dirtiest odors from your car. So, every time you whiff it is just a breath of clean air.

  4. Air Freshener - And, then there are those of you who not just like your car sparkling clean from the exterior and the interiors but good smelling too. Undoubtedly, your choice for the next aroma you want in your car might not be same every time you take out your car for a drive. Thus, the range of kke air freshener is your best choice; with a set of fragrances including KKE Lavender air freshener, KKE Jasmine air freshener, KKE Lemon grass air freshener, KKE Vanilla air freshener, KKE Lemon air freshener and KKE Bubble gum air freshener.

  5. KKE Microfiber Towel - A super absorbent towel made with the microfiber material will make sure that your car paint does not get affected when you are trying to remove the grease or dirty stains. At the same time it is absolutely lint free, so every time you wipe with it all you see left behind is a shinier car. Use it daily on your car for that quick dry dusting or use it wet it to scrub and clean.

  6. KKE Drubber - For those of you longing for that glossy and shiny tires, the KKE Drubber is just amazing. It is like a dressing to be used on your car tires after they have been washed. It has silicone as its ingredient and you can have that perfect matte or stylish glossy finish as you like it.

  7. KKE Water Spot Remover - The watermarks on a car are like the worst nightmares for car owners. Get rid of them with KKE water spot remover. It has the constituents which make it safe for your car paint and windshield.

  8. KKE Car Wash Sponge Jumbo - It is the ideal accessory for all the cleaning needs of your car whether you own an SUV, a truck or any other automobile. It has a good grip and it comes with more protection.

  9. KKE Plus Carnauba Wax - This is the wax you have been looking for, in order to get that warm glow on its painted surface. It gives a stunning shine and will make your car looking straight-from-the-showroom sort.

  10. KKE Carpet and Floor Mat Scrub - The upholstery, the floor mat and the interiors of your car cannot and should not be obliterated. Thus, KKE has brought to you the carpet and floor mat scrub brush to keep them looking new.

    The list of products given above includes the kke auto care products which are an epitome of highest performance, biodegradable and Eco friendly. So, having these with your car is an attribute to your car as well as our precious Earth.