Bulk Chemicals and Custom Branding

Do you have bulk requirements for your organisation? Do you own a Franchisee chain? We have the products for you. KKE provides Bulk chemicals in 20 liter and 200 liter sizes.

We supply to several organisations who buy the products in bulk and distribute amongnst their Franchisees. Some of them repack and rebrand the chemicals in their own packings.

KKE Provides the following Bulk Car Care Chemical Supplies :

  1. Low pH Shampoos
  2. High pH Shampoos
  3. pH Neutral Shampoos
  4. Waxes
  5. Tyre Polish
  6. Dashboard Polish
  7. Tyre Cleaner
  8. Fiber parts cleaner
  9. Fragrances
  10. Waterless Car Wash Concentrate

Please feel free to contact us for more details and bulk pricing.