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Air Freshener Sandalwood

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Air Freshener Sandalwood

Rich Sandalwood fragrance for your home and office.


The fragrance is waterbased and remains for a longer duration.

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Sandalwood is a heavy, yellow and an aromatic wood. Sandal wood has been used since ancient times for bringing the enlightened feeling due to its nice fragrance.

Sandalwood fragrance helps in Calming your mind and bringing in inner peace. It is known to bring down the stress levels, signs of depression and low seld esteem.

The woody smell of Sandalwood is liked by many, specially the sweet after smell of Sandalwood.

KKE Sandalwood Air Freshener is a mild Sandalwood fragrance which spreads through the room because of the wetting agent properties. The fragrance remains longer and brings out the real emotions.

Best for your car, home and office.


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