Jasmine Air Freshener

Jasmine Air Freshener

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Vanilla Air Freshener

Jasmine Air Freshener

Perfect for a promising ambience in your car, four wheelers, living rooms and bedrooms. Soothe it with Jasmine.

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The fragrance of Jasmine associated with the sweet and floral smell of Jasminum sambac. For ages this scent has been associated with spirituality and tradition. The KKE’s Jasmine Air Freshener is an ode to the culture India is all about. The flowery smell is bound to fill the surroundings with a holiness blend with mysticism. It harbors the special wetting agents to ensure the fragrance staying in your room for a longer period of time.

Suitable for Cars and Home.


How to use KKE Jasmine Air Freshener?

This air freshener is a water based air freshner.

  1. Shake the Air Freshener Bottle
  2. Spray a few squirts in the air
  3. Spray some air freshener on the Upholstery / Curtains / Carpet.

The special formula allows the fragrance to spread slowly and stays longer in your car / room.

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