Air Freshener Bundle

Air Freshener Bundle

Activated Carbon Deodoriser

Activated Carbon Deodoriser

Air Freshener Bundle

7 Exclusive Mesmerizing Water Based Fragrances for your :

  • Home,
  • Car and
  • Office

The 7 fragrances give you a choice to choose your fragrance for each Occasion and set a different mood.

An excellent Gifting option.

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Air Freshener Bundle
Customize Air Freshener Bundle
1 x Jasmine Air Freshener   + $2.66
1 x Vanilla Air Freshener   + $2.66
1 x Air Freshener Sandalwood   + $2.66
1 x Lemon Grass Air Freshener   + $2.66
1 x Air Freshener Lemon   + $2.66
1 x Lavender Air Freshener   + $2.66
1 x Air Freshener Bubble Gum   + $2.66

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Air Freshener Bundle
Air Freshener Bundle

In stock



    Presenting the Combo of 7 Exclusive Fragrances for you :

    • Sandalwood
    • Lavender
    • Vanilla
    • Lemon Grass
    • Lemon (All time favourite)
    • Jasmine
    • Bubble Gum (Kids love it )


    Sandalwood Air Freshener

    Sandalwood is a heavy, yellow and an aromatic wood. Sandal wood has been used since ancient times for bringing the enlightened feeling due to its nice fragrance.

    Sandalwood fragrance helps in Calming your mind and bringing in inner peace. It is known to bring down the stress levels, signs of depression and low seld esteem.

    The woody smell of Sandalwood is liked by many, specially the sweet after smell of Sandalwood.


    Lavender Air Freshener

    Lavendula, commonly know as Lavender is a purple coloured flower. It is one of the most versatile floral notes. The fragrance of Lavender adds a sense of exoticism.

    Lavender fragrance brings a sense of freshness specially in the months of summer.

    KKE's Lavender Frangrance is a water based fragrance. It has special wetting aggents which help the fragrance remain in the room for a longer period of time.

    Spray a little of the Lavender Fragrance to enlighten your mood and bring a fresh feeling to your car or room.

    This Lavender Spray is a must try for everyone who loves flower fragrances.


    Vanilla Air Freshener

    The beautiful and soulful vanilla fragrance has the capacity to enrich your senses. Somehow this fragrance continues to be associated with the freshest memories and a homely atmosphere. Make your home feel sparkling, listening and buoyant with just one spray of KKE Air Freshener Vanilla. Keep the car, household or attic odor at the bay with the euphoric smell it imparts. The fragrance is made of plant extracts , designed to eliminate all mal odor and is water based. Make your place from fetid to fragrant with just one single spray. Spray. Indulge. Repeat.


    Lemon Grass Air Freshener

    You, seeking out for calmness after a tiring day at the office, some guests at your place, trying to improve the ambience of your car or just ensuring that ideal aura at your home! Let the KKE Lemon grass air freshener do the  needful. This light, lemony smell with that perfect dash of earthy aroma has the capacity to make you feel happy. It will capture all your anxiety and pave the path for a more relaxed and revitalized you. Avail the benefit of the most endearing and rejuvenating places with the clean and fresh smell of lemon grass air freshener.


    Air Freshener Lemon

    For all those of you tired of the strong and aromatic smells, this particular product of KKE comes as a breath of fresh air! Literally! The smell which blends with the most soulful and reverberating times is right here to make you own it. It is made naturally. And, thus you can boast of the best smell along with the fact that it is biodegradable and does not contain any harmful chemicals, purely water based.
    Indeed, the fragrance which freshens and cares for you and for your environment. So, go ahead grab the subtle and solacing air freshener to experience the feeling of ‘Fresh’ in your car, your home and your office space.


    Jasmine Air Freshener  

    The fragrance of Jasmine associated with the sweet and floral smell of Jasminum sambac. For ages this scent has been associated with spirituality and tradition. The KKE’s Jasmine Air Freshener is an ode to the culture India is all about. The flowery smell is bound to fill the surroundings with a holiness blend with mysticism. It harbors the special wetting agents to ensure the fragrance staying in your room for a longer period of time.

    Suitable for Cars and Home.


    Bubble Gum Air Freshener

    The KKE Air Freshener Bubble gum fragrance is reminiscent of your fondest teenage memories when all you had to think about was to enjoy! So, bathe in the memories of the best times of your lives and make some more memoirs as you do so. For all those of you looking for smell which is exotic and  amazing this is the fragrance you need. Spray it in your car, your caravans or your home and relish the refreshment blended with just the right dash of passion. And just when you thought we are done, this fragrance is water based, more reasons for you to order right away.





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