Activated Carbon Deodoriser

Activated Carbon Deodoriser

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Lavender Air Freshener

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Air Freshener Bundle

Activated Carbon Deodoriser

A pouch of activated carbon is your go to remedy for the most obnoxious odor. It renders a clean, odorless and hygiene environment wherever you need it.
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If you are looking for cleaning the air you breathe, this is the product you have been looking for. The KKE Activated carbon is a fine black powder.

It has the capacity to absorb the worst of the odors and is a natural treatment for bad smell or unhygienic air. The porous trait associated with the powder ensures trapping the toxins present in the air, making it sparkling and odor free. You can use it in your homes, your cars or in spaces of your office readily available with us in easy-to-use pouches. Let’s clean it with carbon.

This is a must have product for people who love their pets and oftem take them along with you in your car.


The special porous cloth makes it easier for the air to flow through and make the Activated Carbon even more effective.

Hang it wherever you you want.

How long does it last ?

You can use it for long durations. If you feel that the effectiveness has reduced, just place it in the sun for couple of hours and your Activated Carbon Pouch shall be ready to be reused.


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