Often this question is asked by a lot of vetrans who have been using KKE Master Wipe and KKE Zap grease.

KKE Master Wipe All Purpose Cleaner

KKE Master Wipe is an All purpose cleaner and is best suited for Uphostery , Carpet Stain removal, Gum cleaning, Bug Cleaning, Tar removal , Tire Cleaning etc. The product has a small percentage of optical brightener which also gives a fresh look to the cleaned area. The product is safe for delicate upholstery material as well.


KKE Zap Grease Engine Degreaser

KKE Zap Grease on the other hand is a very powerful cleanign agent and is very concentrate degreaser. The product does a very good job on engines and heavily greased areas. Probably, using KKE Zap Grease for the applications of KKE Master wipe would be too powerful which might not be required.

Unlike KKE Zap Grase,  KKE Master Wipe All Purpose cleaner, has real orange extracts which enhances the cleaning power of the product.

Long story short, KKE Master Wipe is more of a Stain Remover while KKE Zap Grease is a powerful degreaser


Buy bigger packings to get the benefit of bulk pricing. KKE also supplies Industrial packages of 207 liters (55 Gal US).